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What is included in our marketing plan?

For some businesses, marketing plans somehow end up on the back burner of tasks to do. Many believe marketing is not as important as other activities and therefore, never place it as a priority. With the ongoing projects, when it comes to marketing, many companies end up playing on the defence (throwing all marketing activities at once), rather than strategically playing on the offence. If you seem to be playing on the defence, leaving your marketing activities to the last minute, this is where we can come in. Once you highlight the vision you have for your organisation, we will create a bespoke marketing plan for you.

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We state where your business currently is within your industry and determine what your unique selling point is. In addition, we identify potential strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats that your business could face long term.

In this section we identify your potential competitors, and examine their strengths and weaknesses. Then produce a positioning map to determine where your business currently sits among them and the direction it should aim to go.

Based upon your competitor analysis and target market, we create a consumer profile and describe who your ideal consumer is, from their demographic to their behavioural segmentation.
We present relevant and recommended marketing approaches that you can do to maximise the success of your business and gain the attention of your ideal consumer.

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